Friday, March 14, 2014


A Chapter ends: Ubon

I have a few hours left in what has truly become my home: the small, quiet city of Ubon Ratchathani. Last Thursday was the last day of school, and it was just as difficult as I though it would be to say goodbye to my students, particularly my 11th-graders who I’ve been teaching for the past two years and have gotten to know very well. At the end of the day, after the last final exam, I was standing in their classroom, listening to their homeroom teacher give a goodbye speech. After she finished, the students turned their already-teary eyes towards me expectantly, and ushered me to the front of the room to say my own goodbyes. The homeroom teacher was a hard act to follow, as she had already been tearing up throughout her speech, and as soon as I was standing in front of my students, I couldn’t help but do the same. It was a heartfelt goodbye. These students have helped me grow both as a teacher and as a person, and I do not lie when I say I’ll remember them forever.

Not only was it difficult to say goodbye to my students, but it will also be difficult to say goodbye to my friends, my home, and my life here. I know Ubon; the people, the places, the pace, the paths. And now I will say goodbye, maybe forever, to this place that has watched over me and has witnessed me grow over the past two years. It is a bittersweet departure, for I will never have this again. Each experience we have is specific to a place, a time, a mindset and the company we’re with, and once we’ve moved on from an experience, we’ll never be able to go back to it, as it was, again. Of course, this is the way of life, and is one of the many beautiful amalgamations of pleasure and pain that there is in this world. I embrace the ending of my Ubon chapter with a little heartache and a lot of contentment, as well as excited anticipation of the future.

My 11th graders. I'll miss you guys!!

A Chapter begins: Costa Rica.

In July, I’ll be moving to the outskirts of San Jose, Costa Rica, to teach chemistry at an international school, which I’m very excited about. First of all, I’m very much looking forward to teaching chemistry. This has been my goal since I graduated with my masters two years ago, and it’ll be great to get back into the subject that I love so much. Second of all, I’m excited to move into a new culture, learn Spanish, and have the opportunity to travel to new places, both in and around Costa Rica. Let the adventure continue!

In the meantime: SCUBA and sailing.

Beginning tonight, two overnight trains and a ferry will bring me from Ubon, through Bangkok, to Koh Tao, an island on the eastern side of the Malay Peninsula in southern Thailand. There, I’ll get my SCUBA certification and spend a few days relaxing on the beach. After that, I’ll take another train south, across the boarder into Malaysia, ending up in Penang, where I’ll climb aboard the Historic Vessel Vega. The Vega is a sailing ship whose owners are on a non-stop humanitarian mission to collect and deliver donated medical and educational supplies to poor and isolated communities in Indonesia and East Timor. I’ll be a volunteer on the ship, and will be helping with the sailing, daily chores, and deliveries. I’m pretty damn excited :)